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Teqnizan Music Earrings

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Shipping within USA, Canada, UK: Teqnizan Music Earrings are very lightweight and perfectly hold the earbud. The earbuds are from a global design and audio powerhouse. Combining the innovative earrings with the hifi earbuds provides more comfortable, stay-put, safe, hands-free connectivity to your cell phone or smart watch. 

Increase the sound volume from the cell phone by 25% to make the music loud and clear from the top of the earlobe even in low noise surroundings. On your phone check: Settings -> Sounds & Haptic, or Sound & Vibrations ->  adjust sound levels to high on the scale. Sound from earbud is heard clearly within one inch of the earrings and not audible beyond six inches. 


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Teqnizan will custom design unique artwork earrings that are meaningful and special to you.


Love it!

Naomi on Jul 10, 2023

I love that these are both cute and have multiple uses! The gold metal design is perfect to go with different outfits for different occasions, and they are hypoallergenic so wearing them doesn't effect my ears like other earring materials do. I also love that when wearing them as an earring you can still hear outside conversation that is going on, but when you need to take a call etc you can take them out of the casing and put them directly in your ear! Great for all activities and very adaptable, and I've gotten lots of compliments while wearing them. Overall a fantastic product!

Best earrings (and earbuds) I own!

Andrea on Dec 10, 2022

I wasn't expecting to like these earrings as much as I do. I love to listen to music all the time, when I'm working or studying, so these really come in handy. I'm able to hear what's going on around me and if coworkers are trying to talk to me without them having to get my attention or wait for me to pause my music. The audio quality is really good, and the sound is a lot more private than you would expect. My coworkers didn't even realize I was listening to music through my earrings for days. The earrings aren't as heavy as you would expect either. They felt just like any other dangling earring to me. The battery life is way better than my other earbuds too. You can even customize your earrings, so for the price, it's a great investment! I highly recommend these earrings to anyone considering them.

Convenient Earbuds!

Divya on Nov 24, 2022

I really liked these earbuds. I am in college so there is always a need to have headphones in such as studying, watching shows in your dorm and listening to music around campus. I usually opt for headphones because AirPods always fall out of my ears when I'm moving around, so having these has been nice. The two things that I was initially concerned about were the weight of the earrings and whether or not people around me would easily be able to hear what I was hearing. Luckily, the weight was not bad and the volume was not broadcasting the way I thought it would be which was great! even when I took the speakers out of the case to use as AirPods, I liked that they were more discrete than regular AirPods. For casual use, I do think I prefer using these instead of AirPods.


The earrings stay put with no bouncing or dislodging while you exercise or go about your day. Although it is possible to listen to phone calls from the earrings, for the clearest sound put the earbud in the ear like
a regular earbud.

Stay put music earrings

World's most comfortable and safe earrings for listening to music and watching shows. Bluetooth connect to your cell phone, smart watch, or computer and listen to your music play list while running, walking, or exercising. The earrings stay securely anchored to your earlobe, no bouncing or falling off. Audio is excellent quality, loud and clear. The best part is we can make completely custom earring artwork in precious metal and gemstones or crystals for you. Contact us, and we will make one-of-a-kind earrings for you.

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