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Teqnizan Music Earrings

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Patented and copyrighted Teqnizan music earrings are the most lightweight audio earrings with built-in Bluetooth audio. It contains the latest Bluetooth technology and efficient battery allowing you to experience ubiquitous handsfree connectivity with the longest operation time from a single charge. The music audio quality is clear, loud and delightful. The earrings stay put with no bouncing or dislodging while you exercise or go about your day.

Architected to be one of the most innovative audio earrings, it allows for limitless customizability. Teqnizan will custom design unique artwork earrings that is meaningful and special to you.


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Stay put music earrings

World's most comfortable and safe earrings for listening to music and watching shows. Bluetooth connect to your cell phone, smart watch, or computer and listen to your music play list while running, walking, or exercising. The earrings stay securely anchored to your earlobe, no bouncing or falling off. Audio is excellent quality, loud and clear. The best part is we can make completely custom earring artwork in precious metal and gemstones or crystals for you. Contact us, and we will make one-of-a-kind earrings for you.

What's included with in the package: Bluetooth Audio earrings pieces, Earring Casing, User manual, and Charging cable

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